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Wood Planer Buying Guide – What is the Best Model in the Market?

Do you want to achieve professional finish and special touch to woodwork? The planer is a very suitable tool. Let’s talk about wood planer buying guide.

Do you want to equip yourself with a fast woodworking tool? This tool saves your time and effort compared to the manual sanding process. Take a look at our wood planer buying guide to buy the best tool.

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Wood Planer Buying Guide

1- Manual or fixed

There are many comparisons of wood planers available over web about these products. You will simply see two key types: the manual and fixed wood planers. They both have different functions and utilities that you should know. Know which one is more convenient for us, according to our work.

Manual planers look like any manual tool. But, in this case, it is the planer that moves over the piece of wood. They are recommended to work on a wide range of wood sizes. They require some expertise and some more time. Brushing is done face to face, although since the process has a good speed. This is also not usually a problem serious.

The fixed models are simple to use and offer very good finishes without risks. They are usually quick in the process. However, the capacity of use of the machine is limited to the measure of the space.

2- Power and cutting capacity

It is another aspect in our wood planer buying guide. Brushing small wood for marquetry work is not the same as for large wood. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the capacity of cut and the size that accepts the product.

On the side of the cutting capacity, we usually have an adjustable system. It works at different depths, depending on the amount of deteriorated wood. In some models, this capacity can reach 20 millimeters. If you do not want to spend so much, you can always opt for a cheaper model. It gives a second pass if you need it.

Related to the work capacity and cutting depth, we must consider planer power. Generally a good and economical planer will have the adjustable power parameters. Always, this should be somewhat higher than necessary. This allows us to work even with the hardest woods safely and getting the best results.

3- Comfort of use

Obviously, it varies if we talk about a table or fixed model or a manual model. But, it is still important, to obtain quality results on all types of wood.

In the case of table models, comfort is given by the elements. It allows the wood to be fixed to the work area. The easier they are to place, the easier it will be to obtain quality results. Some table planers also have a vacuum cleaner. It catches all dust and sawdust generated during the cutting process.

The vacuum cleaning is also great if you’re looking for is a manual cutting model. However, the most important thing in these models is the quality of displacement. We also have to move the machine along the wood. So, it’s necessary to have handles and fasteners that make movement easier and more precise.