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Top 5 Orbital Sanders of 2020. In this guide, we talk about the characteristics of these sanders and aspects to consider.

The sanders are crucial elements when working with wood and other materials.

Are you a perfectionist? This tool will help you achieve those finishes that you so desire in your antique furniture. However, choosing one that suits our needs is not entirely easy. It is not worth buying the first one that appears first on ‘top 5 orbital sanders’.

In this article, you will have reviews about top 5 orbital sanders.

First of all, you should know what its advantages over other types of sanders.

What is Orbital Sander?

It is a perfect tool for sanding smooth surfaces such as boards and slats. Best of all, it does not leave marks on the wood due to its elliptical movement. It allows to obtain a more professional finish.

Advantages of Orbital Sanders

The biggest advantage it offers is its excellent value for money (not on all models). The prices of these sanders are much cheaper than other type of tool or sander. They are the most used by fans as they are easy to understand and use.

In addition, most have a design that makes them comfortable tools when using them. Another advantage of these advanced tools is their size and weight. Orbital sanders were designed with the intention of replacing belt sanders. They are usually larger and weigh double or triple than these models. So, these tools can be considered the lightest in the market.

Top 5 Orbital Sanders

In the following list, you can find a selection of several sanders of this type. We have chosen them after studying several models and considering many opinions of Amazon customers.

1- Makita BO3711 Orbital Sander

top 5 orbital sanders

It is a tool with qualities that have been reflected in the opinions of all buyers. It has been scored with more than a 4.7 out of 5. This tool would give us a lot of reliability when buying this sander.

The grip of the sander is crucial when working for hours. So, the Makita brand has chosen to include an auxiliary handle in the design. This handle can help you get better results in your work. With this mechanism you will make your work even more detailed.

That’s not all. The weight of only 1.6 Kilograms approximately, provides more maneuverability during the sanding process.

Finally, we wanted to emphasize the great value for money of this article.

With a low budget, you can buy this powerful Makita sander. It has the best features of the current market.

2- DEWALT DWE6423K Orbit Sander


The second model we will see belongs to the well-known Dewalt brand.

This model has great specifications that also do not make the product too expensive. In our opinion, it is a sander with a very reasonable price.

The micro filter system conducts the particles to the storage tank. Tank that is attached to the tool, reduces the risk of breakage.

On the front, you can see a small part of black. This little “control” is an oscillation regulator that controls the number of oscillations. Thanks to this Dewalt-implanted system, you can adjust the most appropriate oscillation level for each material.

The design of this model allows you to manipulate the tool quite easily. It can even be controlled with one hand. On the other hand, it has a method that makes changing the blade easier.

3- Makita BO4556K


The third model comes from the Makita brand, again. It is certainly a brand that dominates the market of this type of sanders almost completely. This is due to its magnificent qualities that it also offers for an affordable and meaningful price.

The BO4556K is a good tool that surpasses many of the orbital sanders of another brand. However, we prefer to recommend the first two before this model. And, this is because it has some disadvantages compared to the two previous models.

A disadvantage or problem is: It does not have a speed control. It prevents sanding different materials as accurately as possible.

Despite this small disadvantage, it does not always have to be a bad specification. It is still a very professional and high quality orbital sander.

This model produces less vibration than the previous ones. It makes easier to hold the sanding of any surface.

4- Black + Decker BDERO100 Orbital Sander


For home or professional use, this orbital sander is the public’s favorite for several factors. Especially, main factor is the cost-benefit ratio. The tool also brings efficiency and comfort to sand wood and metal. It can be applied to windows, doors, furniture and shelves, perfect for places with difficult access. The sandpaper is fixed by side clips. The grip is rubberized and the model has a waste collector. The speed is 13500 rpm.

5- TACKLIFE: PRS01A, the best orbital sander for its value for money


Tacklife PRS01A is an orbital sander that handles a power of 3.0 amps. It also offers 13,000 orbits per minute. This has a paddle switch on the top of the machine. It allows easy on and off during use.

It has an ergonomic and compact design. Therefore, it can enter smaller spaces than other related products. In addition, it is very smooth to maneuver. It is a machine with an affordable price and high quality features.

How to choose orbital sander?

Choose one of the top 4 orbital sanders that meets all your requirements and needs. So, you must take into account several features or specifications. They will be adapted according to the factors you like best. Some of these factors are:

  • Power
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Speed Regulation
  • Compatibility
  • Additives
  • Brand

Conclusion on top 5 orbital sanders

As a last tip, we ask you not to randomly buy the first tool you see on the Amazon website.

Use this advice for all the tools and items you are going to buy. So, you will save time and money on all purchases, we assure you. Do you have any other advice for our readers?

Do not hesitate to write it in the comments to help more people. If you find something that we forget, you can also comment on the bottom.