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Top 5 Electric Wood Planers – Woodworking Tools

Are you a professional woodworking expert and want a great finishing of your product? Check out top 5 electric wood planers here.

The Planer, equipment used for roughing, planing or removing wood irregularities. It is generally used by joiners and carpenters to achieve a smooth and uniform surface finish.

In general, the planer consists of a wooden or metal body, with a flat base. This supports one or more steel blades that can be adjusted. So, they’re marginally exposed in base, allowing the wood to be cut and worked.

Types of planers

There are several planer models, for example, the manual planer aimed at finer finishes. It allows better control, necessary for more subtle tasks.

The most modern models are the Electric Planers. This planer model offers greater precision, sharpness in the cut and agility to the operator. Because they’re more powerful tools, Electric Planers are indicated for industrial / professional use.

Technical characteristics of electrical planers

As already mentioned, there are several types of planers for the most varied applications. To choose the right one for your job, just think for what purpose are you using it. Do you want to use it for just thinning job or diverse and heavy tasks? How often will you use the planer?

Below are some characteristics of what you need to evaluate before choosing your planer?

  • Power: Influences the strength of the device and the quality of planing. That is, the greater the power, the more effective the planing is.
  • Rotation Speed (RPM): Some equipment have adjustable blade speed, increasing the precision of the Planer. However, some have only one speed. That is, the higher the blade rotation per minute, the cleaner the cut.
  • Planing depth: The depth can be adjusted thanks to the electric planer front chock. The regulation is usually between 1 and 4mm.
  • Blades: The greater the number of blades and the faster the speed they rotate (RPM). The more blows are made on the wood, generating a smoother and more refined cut.

A wood planer makes work easier when going to perform any housework or carpentry work. To perform these professional things, we need the best tool. This tool will help us develop a wood piece with a few efforts. So, we present the list of top 5 electric wood planers of 2020.

Top 5 Electric Wood Planers



This model has a support of 4 columns to make more precise cuts. It also allows to perform any job at home and on a professional level.

Some users point out that at sometimes that this equipment spoils the ends of the woods. It’s due to their teeth, pinched and hooked in certain areas. They argue that this is resolved by correcting the defects by hand. These are isolated opinions. In general, buyers have expressed good experiences about it.

Are you looking for a machine with which you can perform various tasks? This model may be of your interest, since it has a high level of power. It guarantees the possibility of performing all the tasks in the correct way.

This equipment manages to maintain a power of 15 Amp motor. It offers 16,000 cuts per minutes. So, with it, you can perform work on different types of wood. In addition, you will achieve quality finishes.

A large enough space is required for its installation. Its dimension is measures 23 x 15 x 17.7 inches with 64.8 pounds weighs.

2- DEWALT Planer DW735

top 5 electric wood planers

Imagine the best planer keeping every characteristic. Generally, it offers all that everyone is looking for according to what you want to perform. So, the wood brushing is just a small job to finish a particular object.

It is an product that plane the wood according to the size we want. It has a key level to adjust the work area according to the wood piece.

It has motor with 15 Amp power and can reach 10,000 RPM. With 6 inches depth and 13 inches width capacity, it can handle almost every wood piece.

With 92 pounds weight and 24 x 22 x 19 inches dimensions, this tool can perform a fine finishing job. In addition, its thickening function allows better finishing for a perfect surface.

It’s a planer with excellent precision to offer good quality finishes as you wish. It has a crank that enables you to set the depth all over the work. So, you can achieve the ideal finish you expect according to each case.

3- TACKLIFE (EPN01A) Electric Hand Planer


This model works by connecting its cable to electrical power. With 710 W power of, it has directing and pressing handle to performing brushing on any type of wood.

It works just fine to bevel edges that you can set under base plate. It offers a finishing touch integrate-able with other types of materials. It also includes a side stopper. You can set it in right or left side offering comfort while working.

Its straight fine edges offer a flat surface wood finish eliminating every bulge or splinter. You can adjust its depth between 5/64 inches.

It also has a deposit bag that stores waste that is discarded while using the machine. So, you have a clean area at all times.

This machine has straight changeable blades, which provides brushing of flat cuts to achieve fairly smooth finishes.

4- Bosch Hand Planer PL2632K


It is considered one of the best wood planer depending on its low cost. Its use is practical and safe, since it has a handle.

It is indicated more than anything for those who are just beginning in tasks related to wood. It has a light weight (14.53 pounds). It allows a comfortable handling of it; achieving perfect finishes.

It also has 6.5 amp motor which can provide 16,500 rpm.

Its blades are also very fine which makes the results very soft to the touch. In addition, its design is ergonomic. It makes its grip during use comfortable and adapts to body movements.

It is a product that can answer the question about which wood planer to buy cheap. It is of good quality and its price is really very low.

5- DEWALT D26677K Planer


This model manages to generate very courteous prices and without leaving splinters in the passage. You can divide the pieces according to the type of work you want to do.

Its weight is very light, only 10 pounds. It also comes with a leveler that makes it possible to adjust the area to cut. In addition, it also comes with a switch, which prevents unexpected accidents. It activates and deactivates the use of the tool.

It can provide 34,000 cuts every minute with 5.5 Amp motor. It works on 120V AC.