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Top 5 electric screwdrivers in 2020. You can be a professional of DIY, carpentry, electricity or just an amateur with handyman skills.

The screwdriver is an indispensable instrument in any house, workshop and toolbox. In addition, there is such a wide offer in the market. This makes it a very difficult to decide on a specific one to buy.

However, we have reviewed numerous models to respond to different types of work. For those who prefer hand tools, this tool improves torsion for easier use.

Top 5 Electric Screwdrivers

Here we have collected the description and characteristics of top 5 electric screwdrivers of 2020. We have considered the assessment of users to guide you in the purchase of this tool.

1 Bosch IXO Basic Screwdriver

top 5 electric screwdrivers

Many users recognize the ease and speed of using an electric screwdriver instead of a manual one. With this Bosch kit, the investment is more than complete. It is a tool with 10 interchangeable tips.

This electric screwdriver Bosch highlights its ergonomic and lightweight design. It also favors a good grip to efficiently respond to all domestic projects with excellent performance. The performance of this tool is determined by its 3.6 volt battery. It offers a speed of 215 revolutions per minute and a good duration. According to the opinion of several users, it is rated as the best screwdriver.

Additionally, the kit is presented in a small briefcase. It serves to transport it more safely along with the charger and the main unit.

With all these virtues, some buyers insist that this is the best screwdriver of the moment. That is why we summarize its characteristics.

  • Battery: The performance of the screwdriver depends on the 3.6 volt lithium battery. It is powered by a micro-usb charger.
  • Lighting: The screwdriver incorporates a powerful LED light to illuminate the work area.
  • Ergonomics: The screwdriver design favors a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue during use in large projects.
  • Storage: A briefcase is included to store the tool and all its accessories.

2- TACKLIFE SDH13DC Electric Screwdriver


It has abundant Accessories (31 accessories, 1 USB cable) and a series of 31Pcs bits. Use it for various operations, such as assembling furniture, joining cabinets, fixing electronic products or tightening.

You can set it in 3 different handle sustained positions. It allows more convenient work in a narrow space. Its rotating handle can be adjusted between 90, 135 and 180 angles.

You can choose between smooth screw speeds using 6 torque arrangements. It provides a variable speed selection.

The LED light on both ends of this screwdriver enables you to work in less light. In addition, you can use it like a flashlight or torch in some situations.

3- HYCHIKA Cordless Electric Screwdriver


The main feature of this product is 6 Nm torque. It makes it one of the powerful and top 5 electric screwdrivers in the market. This torque provides enough power to perform any operation effortlessly. Its fast-change chuck also makes it easier to change the accessories.

It also includes 2.0Ah lithium battery. This tool provides good working capacity and long life. It has a charger with micro usb cable.

The fore LED light is enough to lighten the corner or environment. You can also use this light to find anything in dark place.

The 36-piece accessory set is enough to work with any type of screw or nut.

4- TACKLIFE SDP60DC Electric Screwdriver


It offers 3 Nm torque and adjustable 0-200 rpm speed. The tool can be moved in both directions.

It has very less weight (350g), compact and easily transportable. It is simple to operate in a narrow and comfortable space to hold. With 1500 mAh battery, you can complete your job easily.

It also includes 9 generally used screw drivers and an extra extension to reach the tool. Its versatile chuck also allows using screw drivers from other brands.

It has rechargeable 1.5 A battery with usb charger.

5- TECCPO Electric Screwdriver


This tool offers maximum torque 6 Nm that is more powerful than other 4 Nm in the market. It’s most suitable for assembling and repairing furniture.

This tool also comes with a complete set of 45Pcs bits usable for several operations. It includes 2 Ah rechargeable battery for smooth operation.

You can choose between smooth screw speeds using 9 torque arrangements. It provides a variable speed selection according to the operation.

Manual or electric screw driver

For centuries, hand tools were the only ones we knew. But, like everything else in our history, they also evolved. That is how, today there is a wide variety of power tools such as the screwdriver. This does not mean that the manuals are no longer used. There are still thousands of buyers want to have full control in the torque.

For its part, we cannot fail to recognize the ease. Only the electric version offers these advantages. But, you have to identify that the power of the cordless screwdriver depends only on battery. It will determine the turning force of the equipment as well as its autonomy.

Deciding which one is best for you will depend on your preferences. Check your budget and the activity you do daily and the use you will give the screwdriver. Thus, you will know whether to invest in a power tool or a manual screwdriver kit.


Regardless of the type of screwdriver you choose, ergonomics is a very important aspect. One of the top 5 electric screwdrivers must provide a firm and secure grip. So, the handle must have a comfortable design and a non-slip coating. Usually, a rubber material with smooth and textured parts is used to make the grip firm. It does not matter that your hand sweats a lot.

In this sense, the weight of the tool also influences the grip. So, the alloy of different metals has been used for the development of screwdrivers. It make them lighter without affecting their strength and durability.

Consequently, when you start your electric screwdriver comparison check the appearance of the handle. Check its thick and the handle, how firm grip it allows. So, the torque you should apply is not excessive and you get effective results.