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Top 5 Electric Drills – Woodworking Tools

The electric drill is an important tool in every woodworking task. It is also used in other than woodworking tasks. Check out top 5 electric drills.

Do you like doing small jobs in your own home and need a new tool? You’ve come to the right place. The electric drill is an essential item for several types of tasks at home. Below, we will bring you a complete comparative top 5 electric drills guide. It will help you select the most suitable electric drill on the market.

Electric drill is an essential tool for certain manual work. It is economical and extremely functional tools. They are necessary to carry out any renovation or service, both professional and casual. As a result of innovation, modern electric drills often have extra functions, for example screwing.

What you need to know about electric drills

There are several types of electric drills. So, you should try to know their features before selecting one. It is important that you know the tools before deciding which one to purchase.

What is an electric drill?

The electric drill is a very versatile tool. They are usually shaped like a pistol and a switch on the trigger. It activates the mechanism. They have a housing, usually made of reinforced plastic, that covers the engine and the chassis. At the end, there is a piece called mandrel, which is what holds the drill.

Conventional electric drill is for manual work, while the largest are supported on columns. The latter are generally aimed at professional use, being more common in machining.

The power of electric drill varies, ranging from about 125 to 1200 watts. The most common is to find drills of about 600 watts of power.

How does an electric drill work?

They work with electricity, either through the power grid or batteries. Electricity generates movement in the motor bearings, which rotate the mandrel and the drill bit. It is due to this rotation that the material is drilled. Electric drills have speed controls, using more or less power according to the material.

Electric drill purchase criteria

To choose one of the top 5 electric drills, it is significant to check some criteria. Here, we will show you the main aspects that you must consider before deciding. Therefore, you can rely on them to assess quality and price.

The elements you should note are:

  • Wattage
  • Automatic brake
  • Handle and accessories
  • Percussion
  • Speed
  • Drum

The most important things to consider

There are several kinds of electric drills: with cable, battery, column and manuals. Corded drills tend to be more powerful. However, they must be connected to the electrical current. The battery ones offer more freedom of movement, but their power is less.

Modern electric drills have extra functions. Most have screwing and percussion functions. The percussion function is to work on hard surface.

Most modern electric drills come in cases full of parts. Electric drills are useless without accessories. So, ensure that accessories come with the instrument when deciding which one to purchase. Some models have extra batteries, or a handle for better gripping.

Top 5 Electric Drills

Next, we’ll show you the top 5 electric drills available in the market. Here, you will find out which is the most suitable for your needs. In addition, you will also be able to check the drill type and other model-specific functions.

1- DeWalt DCD780C2


This is an electric impact drill without cable for semi-professional use. With 1.5 Ah and 20V, this tool will allow you to drill virtually any surface. However, hard surface it may be. With its 3.4 pound weight, this electric drill is lighter than the average. However, this offers extra stability, which is important for many jobs.

It has a quick-release chuck, which allows the drills to be changed quickly. This tool also features fine speed regulation on the trigger and depth limiter. It has two speed ranges e.g. 0-600 RPM and 0-2,000 RPM making the service even more practical.

2- Hitachi DS14DSFL


Hitachi is a brand known in the construction world for manufacturing robust and high quality tools. It includes powerful and reliable electric drills. The Hitachi DS14DSFL is no exception. It has impact function, screwdriver function, 300-inches per pound torque and 2 speed levels.

This electric drill combines the best of both worlds. It offers the portability and convenience of an electric battery drill. It has considerable power due to its 14.4v & 1.5 Amp lithium battery.

Thus, it will be possible to perforate any surface with ease, be it wood, masonry, steel or concrete. The chuck is self-locking, which improves the tool’s functionality and safety.

3- Milwaukee 0240-20


It has 960 watts of power, better grip and depth limiter. It has 0-2,800 RPM adjustable speed and impact function. This electric drill could already be considered adequate even if it did not have any other differential.

However, the best part comes now: Being produced by Milwaukee (China). This tool has an extremely affordable price, without neglecting the quality of materials and assembly.

4- Black and Decker DR260B


This is one of the most powerful and top 5 electric drills on the market, with 5.2-Amp. With it, you can effortlessly drill even the most resistant concretes. It is suitable for enthusiastic users of DIY services or even semi-professional use. The chuck has a safety lock and quick replacement function.

It has speed adjustment. Despite the power, it weighs 4.02 pounds, which, while bringing some practicality to use. It does not offer as much stability as a more robust model. Furthermore, it has a relatively affordable price, considering its power.

5- SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Hammer Drill


A powerful option, although economical. This electric impact drill has a power of 7 Amp. It is able to drill through concrete, masonry, wood or metal. It has a unit to control the speed of the drill.

The chuck is quick-fixing and has a locking button for greater user safety. Light and compact (only 5.5 pounds), this electric drill is ideal for casual services. Its main differential is the excellent cost-benefit. It will perfectly serve the vast majority of domestic services. Despite, it is in a much more affordable price range than other members of this list.