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Tips to Use Electric Screwdriver and Accessories

Needing a little help to unscrew, tighten and fix rivets and screws? Investing in a screwdriver! Let’s know the tips to use electric screwdriver.

The good thing is that you can use various accessories with a screwdriver. It can make your life even easier. It will help you when assembling and disassembling furniture, car accessories and much more. Want to know more about tips to use electric screwdriver? Come with me!

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Tips to use electric screwdriver

Do you want to achieve good results with your screwdriver? You need to keep an eye on some details that are very simple. But, they make all the difference in the quality of your work. Know the tips to use electric screwdriver to use your machine in a very practical way:

Push the tool against the screw: Fit the bit to the screw to be screwed. It is important to put a little pressure on the screwdriver when it is turned on. Otherwise, the bit rotates false on the screw, which can ruin both.

Use the ideal bit for each screw: Change the tip of the screwdriver whenever necessary. Sometimes you may find that a slotted bit can work well with another screw. But, it can go wrong, break your machine and still hurt you. No improvisation.

Attention to pipes and electrical cables: Always check that the wall or surface you’re going to drill has no pipes or electrical wiring. If they are punctured by accident, you can create a leak or even shock!

Choose the right power screwdriver: For tightening the socket or assembling a small piece of furniture, the 3.6V screwdriver is great. The 4.8 volts are good for heavier maintenance.

Now, work on metal, wood and masonry walls can be done with a 12-volt screwdriver. The 14 to 18-volt screwdrivers are good for concrete and masonry.

Bits and Sockets: Screwdriver Accessories

Look, the screwdriver is a very simple machine to use. And the accessories you need to have are bits and sockets! They can be purchased alone or in kits with several pieces. For you to have an idea, some types of kits come with more than 40 bits.

The bits are the tips. You put them on the screwdriver to place or remove screws and rivets from anywhere.

The sockets are like adapters. They serve to fit the bits in the screwdriver when they’re bigger than the machine entrance. It has models of several different sizes and they can be magnetic. It helps to hold the bit more firmly than traditional models.

The screwdrivers usually come with several bits and sockets. But, if you want, you can also buy separately.

How to care for screwdrivers and accessories

It’s very easy to keep your screwdriver and its accessories always ready for use. Store the bits and sockets in packaging in which they were purchased. Another cool option is to put them in toolboxes. Some have their own spaces for small pieces!

And don’t keep the accessories or the machine dirty. Basic cleaning can be done with a dry cloth and soft brush. Do not clean your machine or exchange bits or sockets with it plugged in.