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Important Things to Know about Drill Machine

There’re many questions, the users want to ask about drill machine. Let’s check out those things to know about drill machine.

Things to know about drill machine

1- Cable or battery drill machine

Is it better to have an electric drill with cable or battery? When choosing between these two types, you have to know what tasks you want to perform. Below, we present a list with the pros and cons of each type.

Electric drill with cable


  • Greater power
  • For professional jobs
  • Suitable for resistant materials


  • Less freedom of movement
  • Overheat
  • Consume a lot of energy

Electric drill with battery


  • Freedom of movement
  • Compact
  • Light
  • Easy to handle
  • More functions


  • Less power
  • The battery runs out
  • Difficulty drilling hard surfaces

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2- Electric or impact drill?

Common electric drills drill using a rotating motion. The motor bearings transfer the movement to the drill, which penetrates the materials. This allows you to drill different materials, such as wood and metal. However, this function does not work very well on hard materials, such as concrete or rock.

Electric impact drills have percussion in addition to the rotation movement. That is, a movement from the front to the back repeatedly, allowing to “hit” the material. That’s why it is called impact function or hammer function. This movement is generated thanks to two splined discs that rotate in contact with each other. The impacts are transmitted to the drill.

3- Safety measures to prevent accidents with an electric drill

Electric drills are very powerful tools. You must be very careful when using them to avoid accidents and injuries. Its use can cause serious injuries, since the drills are sharp and quite dangerous. In this section, we show the safety measures you must take to use an electric drill.

  • Protective goggles: Metal or stone fragments may fly during drilling. In addition, some electric drills have internal brushes that generate sparks. It is essential to protect your eyes from sparks and splinters using goggles.
  • No to gloves: Although it seems counterintuitive but, it is not advisable to handle electric drills using gloves. Gloves are usually loose and the fabric can get stuck in the drill. This type of accident is common in workshops and must be avoided at all costs.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure: The electric drill has its power. It penetrates the material at its own pace. It is not advisable to force or push the tool. If the drill doesn’t penetrate, it is possible that the drill doesn’t have sufficient force. If the drill bit breaks, it can hit someone and cause serious injury.
  • Overheating: Similar to the previous point. Electric drills have their power, and you should not force them. If forced, they can overheat and the motor will burn out. If this happens, there possibility of causing damage or fire.
  • Materials: Do not use the drill machine on any material for which it isn’t suitable. If your electric drill doesn’t have an impact function, don’t use it on the stone.
  • Fixing: The chuck must always be securely attached. If the bit is loose, it can break and cause injury.