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How to Use Miter Saw – Top 10 Tips

You may know how to use miter saw and what tasks it can perform. We will present here more tips about how to use miter saw.

How to use Miter Saw – Top 10 Tips

1. Let the blade stop

You must wait for the blade to stop turning completely. Keep its blade in the downward position.

Do not raise the blade until it stops. Make the cut, let the trigger go and count to ten. It’s not that difficult, is it?

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2. Mark the danger zones

While working with this tool, you focus only on work and forget the danger zones. Mark the lines with red color on the surface and on the fence of miter saw. This will indicate the danger zone and prevent errors when working on the miter saw.

3. For repeated cuts, use stop blocks

In addition to cutting, most woodworkers make repetitive cuts. Some projects are made up of many repetitive cuts. Despite measuring each time, you must measure it once and mount a cork.

A cork is a piece of scrap wood. It would help you to cut several pieces of wood of the same length. This will ensure that you provide the proper parts and save time.

4. Use the block to define chamfer angles

Before miter saw, there was no tool that would facilitate to cut at different angles. It was difficult to cut wood or other material at angles. But, this is now possible with this power tool. It can be much easier by placing the block at the required angle.

To build the block, cut it at a 90-degree angle without tilting. Then, rotate the saw to the desired angle and lower it. You will find this feature in Bosch products.

5. Mark the line on the slide

When making cuts, your hands may tremble due to not getting the proper, finished cuts. To avoid this, mark the straight line on the blade that helps obtain the finishing cuts.

6. Use the stand that can move

Usually, in the workplace, you need to constantly move the miter saw. Mobile support will help in this way. You can easily adjust the miter saw the way you want. With the mobile miter saw, the task becomes as easy as eating the pie.

7. You can install the laser

It helps illuminate the thin line in the work piece. It also helps you cut faster and at the exact cut line you want.

8. Just allow the miter saw blade to have the maximum speed

It is one of the most important tips on security measures. After turning on the miter saw, let it reach at the maximum speed before working. Some miter saws cut smoothly and others do not.

After work, release your hands from the miter saw trigger and slow down the blade itself. Before the blade actually rests, if you lift the blade, the cuts will come off the table.

9. Buy the double slope saw

Double tilt saw or double bevel saw is much more useful than a single tilt saw. This facilitates bevel cuts.

10. Know your hook angle

The blade with a good 10 degree positive hook angle makes aggressive cuts in the wood. It is best to keep the blade angle 10 to -5 degrees.