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Things to Consider When Buying a Drill Machine

Are you in search of the best electric drill? It is important to follow some criteria that will facilitate when buying a drill machine.

Here, we will show you the main aspects that you must take into account before deciding. Thus, you can count on a small guide to assess quality and price.

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Things to consider when buying a drill machine

1- Wattage

An adequate power for a drill for small household tasks is typically between 500W and 850W. If you have more than that, it can be considered oversized for this type of service. They are indicated only for use professional. Cordless drills are usually differentiated by battery voltage.

Drills with 18V batteries will have stronger motors. However, the power delivered, in watts, rarely reaches 500W.

For more power, you’ll need a bigger budget and professional models. With the lower power, you will not be able to drill hard material for example concrete.

2- Automatic brake

This is a very important feature for user security when buying a drill machine. The automatic brake stops the drill from turning automatically when you release the trigger. In models without a brake, the motor continues to rotate and stops only due to friction. Cordless electric drills often include this feature as standard. With cable, it can be considered an additional.

3- Handle and accessories

Electric drills can have two types of design: T-shaped or pistol. There are also electric angle and column drills. Angles are ideal for working in difficult places. But, they are an overly specific category that will not be covered in this guide. What every type of it is, the design must be ergonomic and comfortable.

Another interesting accessory is an additional handle that comes in box from the factory.

4- Percussion

Good electric impact drills are capable of drilling through any surface. They have toothed disks that are activated when rotation starts to become difficult. They transmit these impacts to the surface, facilitating the drilling of hard materials.

It is possible to find electric impact drills (with the hammer function) with or without cable. But, it must have enough power to drill resistant surfaces like concrete. Most cordless electric drills do not have enough strength to beat this type of material.

5- Speeds

The best cordless electric drills for home or professional services have different mechanical speeds. There are gears that control the speed and power. For example, for concrete, it is convenient to use the “1” position. With less speed, it gives more power to the machine, and percussion does the job.

You can also control the torque with a selector, depending on the model. It can vary between 10 and 30 positions.

6- Drums

Electric battery drills have less power. When they unload, you have to stop the service until it is loaded. Some models include an extra battery, but this is not standard. Some batteries have a quick charge function. It allows them to fully charge in less than sixty minutes. Drill batteries are usually lithium. These batteries are lightweight and have a long life.